colour cards and waterfalls

“Campionaria Varesina” is a company specialized in sampling that can produce any type of reference coloured cards (swatch cards catalogues) from the one less expensive to the most elegant one.
The company can produce coloured printed papers (swatch cards catalogues) for every type of sector, with every kind of material and applying several types of cut (smooth, finely ridged edge, die cut or single slash). Possibility to have your own material also scaled or turned up.

Coloured customized printed papers with the following formats and typologies:

  • From 1 to 4 pages
  • Personalized with own graphics
  • Printed on several supports that can be also plasticised with plastics lucid, opaque or soft touch to confer more resistance

The print of the coloured paper might be also performed with several technics:

  • Digital printing : suggested for small quantities
  • Offset printing: suggested for large quantities o for more rigid supports
  • Warm pressure printing: it can be pastels or metallic to confer more elegance
  • Silkscreen printing with paint


Folder can also be perforated to insert them into loose-leaf notebook for archives

Do you need to create a sample book?

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